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What is Myseum?

Myseum is your Toronto museum. Our engaging programs and experiences showcase the history, culture and people that represent Toronto’s unique place in Canada and the world. Given our mandate, we are very proud to host dozens of free events, exhibits and workshops around the Greater Toronto Area and to provide much-needed funding to creators doing the same. By supporting Myseum, you are directly impacting the arts in your community—our community. In short, you are the “my” in Myseum.

Donation Information


401 Richmond Street West
Studio 215
Toronto, ON M5V 3A8
T 416 583 2030

Charity Number


Donations of $20 or more sent directly to Myseum of Toronto will be receipted. Otherwise, Myseum will only provide donation receipts upon request.

Donate Now

Your support is essential for Myseum to continue cultivating a greater appreciation for our city and the countless perspectives of its citizens. Together, we can build a new cultural institution to tell the story of Toronto’s past, present and future. Make a donation today, or learn about other ways you can support our organization.

CanadaHelps is the easiest way to donate to Myseum of Toronto online. Simply click the link below to complete the donation process in minutes.


Myseum Intersections

Myseum Intersections is an annual festival that explores intersectional perspectives of Toronto through collaborative exhibits, events, workshops, and tours. Each year, we offer grants to artists, collectives and community groups to help their projects reach their full potential.

Revisionist Toronto, our 2019 exhibition, revisits and re-imagines the dominant narratives that shape our understanding of the city through a festival of collaborative exhibits and events. This exhibition will explore lost or hidden Toronto stories that have been paved over and forgotten, and how we can reclaim those histories.

Myseum Connects

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Since our founding in 2015, Myseum Connects has helped strengthen ties between community leaders from small and major organizations through discussion panels and workshops. Connects is also a wonderful networking opportunity for young, creative professionals looking to find their place in the city’s active cultural sector.

Myseum Presents

Myseum Presents is an annual collaborative exhibition and showcase presented by Myseum. Focused on a particular topic tied to the history of Toronto, Myseum Presents combines thought-provoking exhibits with engaging workshops, tours, events and panels that challenge conventional historical narratives.

Our 2018 exhibition, Discounted Histories, explored the movement of goods, services, and ideas that form Toronto’s retail landscape. From specialized artisans to mass production to mail-order catalogues to online shopping, Discounted Histories reassessed part of Toronto’s existing historical narrative by bringing to light overlooked, unseen, and forgotten histories.

Join Myseum’s Founders Community

Our Founders Community share a resounding passion and pride for our city’s achievements and potential. The ongoing support of this engaged fellowship of forward thinking civic leaders help Myseum deliver programs to all corners of the city.

Charles R. Bronfman
E-L Financial Corporation Limited
Bob Dorrance and Gail Drummond
Charles Brindamour
The late Walter M. & Lisa Balfour Bowen

Your donation to Myseum at this visionary level puts you in the company of civic benefactors who are helping to commemorate and discover the truly unique and defining character of our city. Please reach out to us to join our Founders Community today.

Myseum is your
Toronto museum.

Our engaging programs and experiences showcase the history, spaces, culture(s), architecture, and the people, that represent Toronto’s unique place in the world.


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